FAQ - Pay Per Click Search Marketing

1) Do top ranking with the help of pay per click (eg. google adwords) help to improve or boost my position with google natural (organic) search listing?

No.. getting a top ranking with a particular PPC search engine will not improve or boost your rank on the free search listing. Both PPC and natural search listings are completely different entity, where each one has their own set of rules for ranking.

2) Is Pay per click expensive?

Not really.. we would say pay per click advertising is one of the most cost effective way to drive quality traffic to your website. Knowing your site’s visitor value (your site’s earnings per visitor) will help you get most of your marketing budget. Once you know that value, you can fix your keyword bid price accordingly to get optimum ROI using pay per click search engines.

3) Do PPC engines give good quality traffic?

Absolutely. if you bid on right keywords related to your business, you are guaranteed that you will get laser targeted traffic to your website. In addition, getting listed on the top PPC engines (Overture & Google), will guarantee that you will get high quality traffic as these engines has highly secured click monitoring systems. Also, Both these engines have excellent in-built conversion tracking technology for accurate ROI calculation.

4) Do I need to advertise in all other smaller PPCs?

Not necessary.. as mentioned above, getting a listing on Overture & Google is more than enough to reach a wide range of web audience. Though there are quiet a lot of other smaller Pay Per Click listing available with more less bid price for keywords, the quality of laser targeted traffic is a concern with the smaller engines. However, if you really want to get listed with any of the smaller pay per click engines, it can be done.







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